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Do Not Cut Bangs When You Are Upset

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Nutrition | 0 comments

Have you ever been so frustrated with your hair only to think “if I cut my bangs I will be happier!” or “if I cut it shorter then I will be a better more likable version of myself!”?

Then you do, and you almost instantaneously know that it was a horrible mistake. I may or may not have done this a time or fifteen before I realized that cutting my hair was not what I needed. You see, I thought by changing something about me that was easy like cutting bangs would make me happier with myself.  Are you wondering what cutting your hair has to do with Nutrition? Well, this is just one example that is widely relatable to how we all sometimes make rash decisions here or there in our lives. We all have bought into those life-changing pills, potions, and powders that promise us we will go to bed thinking we look like an ogre and will wake up looking like a prince/princess. Only to wake up in the morning and we still look the same. Why do we want to be something we are not? Billions of dollars are spent yearly on pills, potions, and powders even though their promises are wildly unrealistic, but make us feel like we could become someone else or at the very least a super version of ourselves with minimal effort.  We correlate these emotions to “I will like me better”.  The truth is though, if you can find a way to love yourself where you are, you could potentially save thousands of dollars.



Today I am here to tell you that you can wake up tomorrow morning or even better – start right this very second telling yourself “I am beautiful/handsome/gorgeous”, “I am a wonderful person”, “I can achieve anything I set my mind to”, “I am good enough”, “I am worth that promotion”, or my personal fave; “I am freakin awesome”, I am…(fill in the blank). Our words, our emotions and our thoughts all have energy. And, our bodies believe and respond to whatever we are telling it. The power of positive or negative thoughts definitely play into a large part of your health. Let me back up for a second and tell an incredible research story. Dr. Masaru Emoto performed an experiment on how our thoughts and intentions can alter the shape of water crystals. 

In a double-blind study of approximately 2000 people, Dr. Emoto used an electromagnetically shielded room for this experiment. He had another group as the control set up in a different location. The one group was to speak only positive words to the water, where the other group spoke negative words. The person wrote on a piece of paper the word or phrase spoken into the water.  Some examples were I love you, I believe in you, or you are beautiful verses I hate you, Adolf Hitler, or I want to kill you.  The water was frozen and then analyzed by 100 judges on the aesthetic appeal of each of the frozen water crystals. The judges did not see the words spoken, only the frozen water crystals.  The water which had positive words and phrases softly spoken to it – when frozen into water crystals had beautiful, symmetrical shapes. The water which had negative words and phrases spewed at it was chaotic and fragmented when frozen. It basically had no shape and no crystals formed at all. Dr. Emoto’s experiment was to show how our thoughts and intentions that we have about ourselves could either create harmony or chaos within our own cells. And guess what? Humans are about 80% water.

Perhaps it’s a stretch to correlate, but maybe not. The overall idea here is to love who you are where you are. We all have parts of ourselves that we may not particularly like, so change them but do not attach your self worth to them. You do not walk up to someone and say “Hi, my name is Butt Too Big” or “Hi, I’m Chicken Legs” right? So let’s not convenience ourselves that this is our identity.

To wrap it all up, Nutrition goes beyond just our diets and exercise. Nutrition for our spirits is also part of the equation. If you are like I was not too many years ago, you may be seeking out Whole Body Nutrition. And we all need someone in our corner at some point. Someone to speak those positive words to us. Someone that can hold us accountable. Let me help you get started by dialing in on your Whole Body Nutrition. Let’s look at your genetics to see what exercise, foods, supplements, sleep pattern may be best for you. Let’s together, change the mindset on how YOU think about YOU. Those are the perfect steps (Nutrition + Genetics + Mindset = You’re a Rock Star) to help you achieve your most advantageous goals! No matter where you are located geographically, I can help you discover and release your most stunning self and set forth on your path to magnificence!


Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Author: Karey Spear, BS, MS, DCN Candidate


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