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Why do I (YOU) Need a Coach?

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Why do I need a coach?

Sometimes we all need help with a specific situation, a decision, a direction, or a health condition that we have been diagnosed with and not sure what route to go.  It is hard to know everything about everything, so hiring a coach who specializes in an area that we wish to improve on or to help understand what a diagnosis really means can be extremely beneficial.  Coaching to me is about looking at all the choices presented to us and having a non-bias opinion to help sort those opinions and underlying questions out.  However, coaching should never be about someone telling you what to do.

Have you ever worked with a coach?

What can a coach do for you?

I am a Life Coach, Nutrition Coach, and Epigenetics Coach.

Whether it’s my services or the services of another accredited coach you choose, let’s take a deeper look into how each of these coaching services could possibly benefit you together!



Life Coach

We all go through what I call slumps in life where we need some advice on a decision that needs to be made, a direction that our lives need to go in, or simply someone to listen to us. Life coaching is not about telling you what to do but instead asking the right questions so that you can make an informed decision or solve a problem. When all we do is think about problems in life, it traps us into a one-way thinking street, and we dwell. A coach can help us by asking questions that can help us discover alternative ways to solve our challenges or gain more perspective on an issue. Having a non-bias coach to bounce ideas off can be very beneficial.

It is our default setting to ask or depend on friends and family to help us with these decisions.  In some cases, that is very helpful and in others no so helpful.  Our friends and family know us better than anyone, which can lead to a very bias opinions and advice. Of course our loved ones are not consciously doing this to harm us or to guide us into making wrong decisions, they usually genuinely think they are helping us by saying what they think we want to hear.  Additionally, because we share our lives with them, we want to make them happy by doing what they think we should do.  If your spouse is happy living in a house and you get a great job offer across town or in another state, and she does not want to move, what would you do?  You ask some friends and they say, “I have met your wife, husband, partner – you are staying.”  Is that the best decision for your family?  That is a tough one, which is why I used it.  What would you do in this situation?  

On the flip-side, there are people out there that would like to see us trapped in a dead-end job, a bad marriage, sick, miserable, etc. because they are.  This is all they know.  They might not always be doing it because they have a vendetta against us, but instead, are very fearful and allow fear to dictate their lives.  That fear passes into their opinions of the decisions we need to make.  We all face fears in life. We are only born with two fears: the fear of falling and of loud noises but, we learn the others.  We all have had our parents install fears into us – and sometimes for the right reasons such as “do not play in the street, you might get ran over” or, “do not jump off the house you will break something”.  They do this because they love us and so do our friends.  It is important however, that we do not make decisions about our lives or health based on our fears. Rather, let’s face our fears, move through our challenges and come out on the other side with new perspectives and renewed sense of confidence!

Nutrition Coach

I am trained in all the “diets” and understand how to balance macronutrients which can help you achieve your goals. I have the biochemistry knowledge to know how foods work in the body. But, knowing what to eat and actually doing it can be the challenge. My approach in my practice is to explain why something is good or not so good for your body, then hold you accountable to stick with the food plan that is designed specifically for you. I do not believe in a one size fits all model of eating but instead Personalized Nutrition Plans. Our body’s are always changing, especially when we begin a new health journey. I practice personalized nutrition for my clients and I adjust the personalized plan according to where you are and where you want to go with your goals.  At first, you might need a certain amount of calories or carbs if weight loss is the goal, and then we change that when you start losing weight to lower amounts.  For instance, a person weighing 225 and a person weighing 140 need different calories and macronutrients.


If you are one of those people who want to change their eating habits, it really is a good idea to hire a Nutrition Coach. There are so many different ideas and opinions out there on how to eat and “Googling it” can lead us to become more overwhelmed and confused. The truth is, nutrition is very different for everyone and generic diets and nutritional advices can actually do more harm than good.  Have you ever heard someone to be on a diet like the ketogenic diet and lose weight only to try it yourself and actually gain weight?  It can be frustrating and can set us out on the yo-yo diet path leaving us more frustrated, sickly and ultimately, we give up. This type of thing is precisely where and why a nutrition coach can be beneficial.  Coaches listen to your goals, help us to devise a plan, set short term goals, monitor our clients progress, and, most importantly, teach us how to make this is a forever lifestyle change. I personally never claim to be an expert at anything because I am always learning, but, I do get the results and can get you the results you want to see if you follow the plan.

Epigenetic Coach

Epigenetics is the area where lifestyle can turn on or off specific genes that create disharmony in the body. Epigenetics and Epigentic Coaching is not a medical diagnosis, but instead a deeper look into how your body reacts to certain things (detoxification, methylation, assimilation) and educates us on how to eat, sleep, supplement, exercise, etc. – to help you become the best version of you possible.  Epigenetics shows you how your body is designed and how to best alter your lifestyle to achieve your goals and feel absolutely amazing.  Epigenetics hold the missing pieces to why you cannot fully reach your goals and can show you how one small simple adjustment can help you to feel incredible.

One example: A new client of mine was doing all the right things: eating a whole foods diet with all the ratios that leaned on the ketogenic side. She had her coffee with butter and MCT oil every morning and was exercising regularly.  She was intermittent fasting and would not eat past 6:00 pm.  She had managed her stress with yoga, heart rate variability training, and meditation.  On the outside, it looked as if she was doing all the right steps, but yet her LDL cholesterol was very high.  She had a Boston Heart Panel ran to check cholesterol particle size to make sure it was not the small cholesterol that caused plaque and hardening of the arteries.  It came back that it was.  When we ran her epigenetics we learned that she could not consume much saturated fat in her diet. We took out the butter and MCT oil from her coffee (yes kicking, screaming and tears). Three months later we re-ran her cholesterol and it was finally in the normal range for the first time in years.  This example shows us that we can be doing everything that we think is right but still not get the results we expect until we find that missing piece to the puzzle just as she did.  This is why I LOVE Epigenetics!

For more information about Epigenetics read this Blog Post!

I have always heard that all coaches should have coaches.  All sports teams have coaches.  Do not be afraid to reach out to a coach.  It can be life-changing!

Author: Karey Spear, BS, MS, DCN Candidate

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