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Meet Karey, Professional Nutrition and Epigenetics Coach

I Work With You to Create a Custom Plan & Healthy Habits

I am a nutrition and epigenetic coach trained in Functional Medicine. I have my master’s degree in Integrative and Functional nutrition that uses systems biology-based approach to look at root causes to help achieve your health and wellness goals. I am currently in the doctorate program for Clinical Nutrition as well. Becoming a doctor has always been a goal of mine, so I am going for it!

I am very passionate about empowering you to become the best version of yourself. I had my own health crisis that led me to Functional Medicine.

In my late 20’s after the birth of my second child, I knew something was not right with my body. After running a series of tests, all my labs except liver functions came back “normal.”  Although they were normal, I sure did not feel normal. Looking back now I had several items on the blood panel that conventional medicine claims to be normal.

My primary care doctor referred me to a hepatologist. He told me I had a fatty liver and there was nothing I could do but get my affairs in order. I had a nine-month-old and a three-year-old. I was not accepting that diagnosis, so out of desperation, I asked if there was something, anything I could do. I wanted to be around to raise my kids. The doctor threw out exercise as an option but was very clear he did not think that would help.

I hired a trainer and started working out with her three times a week. I lost several inches all over my body and lost 15 pounds within three months. I had my labs repeated, and everything was in the normal ranges (still not normal ranges based on Functional Medicine). The doctor said he did not know what I had done but to keep it up.

I thought if exercise helped this much could changing my diet help even more? I went down many rabbit holes of diet, nutrition, supplements, herbals, etc. that led me to go back to school for my bachelor’s and master’s in nutrition. Exercise was my first go to, but diet change was the real needle mover. I was very much addicted to sugar (a minimum of 75 ounces of sweet tea daily plus sugary foods).  Once I cut that out of my diet I felt like a brand new person. My brain fog lifted, I had tons more energy, and I started looking younger (who does not want to age backward?).

This is the kind of case I see in my practice daily. Most doctors, especially 20 years ago, are not trained to look at nutrition as a potential way to fix a condition or disease. That is where a nutritionist comes in.

One thing most people do not realize is how much biochemistry nutritionists have to take and memorize. The body is a bio-chemical machine that has to have specific vitamins and minerals to run; otherwise, the system suffers. You may not realize how much your body is suffering until you add specific nutrients. This is where I love to help people.


From there I became very fascinated with epigenetics which is how lifestyle and environment can “turn on or turn off” specific genes. I am a certified epigenetics coach through Apeiron Academy. I use this to get very specific with my clients on how to become superhuman. As the saying goes “genes load the gun but lifestyle pulls the trigger.” Weird saying but very true. There are certain genes that will not change like your hair color, your height, your eye color, but there are tons of genes that are affected by your diet, lifestyle, environment, and even your thoughts. Ahh, thoughts that is an interesting one.

Nutrition Coaching bridges the gap in our current healthcare system so you can obtain control back of your health. Supporting overall wellness, a Nutritional Coach can help their clients to better understand the Biochemistry involved in the food we put into our bodies and how the wrong foods can be toxic for your body. The goal of a Nutritional Coach is to help aid the body in the prevention or regression of various diseases. My Coaching services are an extremely comprehensive approach in addressing conditions that Medical professional are just not trained in and quite frankly do not have the time to address in the 5 minutes they have with you.  A Nutrition Coach is not a substitute for any Medical Professional or advice.  I want to help you understand your diagnosis or condition and work alongside of you and your Medical professional to help you gain health and vitality back.  It takes teamwork!

What I Do

I help people become superhuman and increase their vitality.

I help people get their health back on track and live the life they dream of.

I help put together lifestyle plans that are achievable and rewarding.

I help build nutrition to fight disease and increase their well-being.

I help train you to buffer the stress in your life.

I help you have a better understanding of and relationship with food.

I interrupt labs from a Functional Medicine point of view.

How I Do That

I use your epigenetic blueprint to design and customize lifestyle modifications.

I put together nutritional plans to help you achieve optimal vitality and fulfillment.

I show you food swaps to increase the nutritional density in your meals.

I utilize health coaching and lifestyle planning.

I teach personal growth, self-discipline, and habit change strategies.

I use targeted meal plans that eliminate specific foods if needed for disease reversal.

I teach heart rate variability training to help reduce stress and create mindfulness.

I interrupt labs and offer suggestions so that your health is optimized.

“It’s never too late to make a lifestyle change.  It can be difficult and near impossible without the knowledge, motivation, and support. Karey has been that for me and I know (she) can help you find your way to a better healthier, happier lifestyle.”


Lost 75lbs in 7 months

“Life has thrown many curveballs at me with my health, family, and relationships, which lead me down this path.”

I do not pretend to know what you have been or are going through, we each have our own path to walk.  What I can help you with is teaching you how to rewrite the narrative you have told yourself for many years to help make it serve you and your goals. We all get stuck in a story that keeps us from living a life of vitality. Some people were taught that food is love or comfort (billions of dollars are spent on comfort foods each year). Do you associate food with love, did a family member buy you chocolate and sit you in front of the TV, did your grandmother tell you to finish your plate after filling it twice, do you secretly have a food addiction? These are stories you have told yourself over and over. If I do not finish my plate I will not be a good girl/boy. Let’s change that.

We also tell ourselves that we are not good enough. I do this several times a day, even as I am writing this. I have to take control of my thoughts daily and remind myself that I am enough. The brain is automatically wired to go to the negative but that can be changed. We create the thoughts and we can make them serve us. Living in the southern Bible belt we are taught not to be conceded or not to brag on ourselves too much. Why? Wouldn’t you agree that the world would be a much happier place if we talked about our achievements instead of how miserable we are? Having an attitude of gratitude makes each and every day better!

I am very passionate about all of the information that I study, research, and read daily in order to make sure I am as up to date as possible. With thousands of studies being published daily, it is hard to know everything.  And, if I cannot answer your questions I will certainly research them to get you the best answer I possibly can.

I’m a biohacker. I constantly experiment on myself so I can become better and better. I want to live a long life full of vitality and passion. My genetics show I am at high risk of Alzheimer’s and diabetes. I use my knowledge and biohacking to make sure that those genes stay turned off epigenetically. I care about my health and want to show you how you can also live a life of vitality. I would love to hear your story!

Let’s Get Coaching!


If you are interested in taking control of your health and well-being, feel free to reach out. I will get back to you ASAP.

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