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“Since seeing Karey, I feel better than I have in years! I’m eating better, sleeping better and have much more energy. Thank you, Karey for all you do!”

~Elizabeth, A Whole Body Nutrition Client

Client Stories

In 2016 I had two acquaintances tell me about Whole Body Nutrition and what it meant to them. They told me how much Karey Spear changed their lives and that I should contact her. In 2017 I finally decided to get in touch with her. I’ve tried every diet you can imagine and even went to talk to a surgeon about with loss surgery. Finding Karey is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve struggled with several autoimmune diseases, obesity, and food allergies. I didn’t know how to listen to my body of what it needed or even where to begin. Karey has helped my husband and I learn how with proper nutrition, vitamins and exercise can heal the body. Today I am so much better and am so thankful for her and everything she’s done for us.

If you want someone who is passionate about her work, kind-hearted, smart and who will stop at nothing to help you then please give her a call. I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

God Bless, Melissa G.

A Whole Body Nutrition Client

Karey’s knowledge of nutrition has been such a blessing to me. I began meeting with Karey after experiencing an extended time of low energy. After just a few months and a shift in my food intake, I was more educated and feeling better and more energetic! I’d highly recommend Karey’s nutrition services to anyone interested in caring for his/her health and well-being.


A Whole Body Nutrition Client

I met Karey some years ago when she worked as a nutritionist/health coach for my local physician. I’ve struggled with weight my entire life and after a life-changing event in my family, I decided it was past time to do something about it. Having lost weight in the past I felt I knew how to lose weight and become more active, I simply needed support and accountability that I didn’t get elsewhere in my life. I eventually went from 255 lbs at 5’9” to 180lbs by eating a balanced proportioned diet and cutting back on alcohol.

It did take about 7 months but was completely worth it! I feel great; bought new clothes and was really like being 20 years younger – I could tie my shoes without propping them up on a step, I could shop the discount section of stores because they had my size, I could sit comfortably while traveling on a plane! I like to ride a bike and could ride for miles without being exhausted. And for the first time in my life had well not a “6-pack” but a modest “4-pack” at 57 years old.

Well, that was 2 years ago and things are going well … I won’t lie as I still struggle and have gained some of my weight back but Karey is always willing to provide guidance, motivation and help me pursue solutions … even during off-hours if I feel a moment of weakness or simply a check-in by text or messenger.

It’s never too late to make a lifestyle change. It can be difficult and near impossible without knowledge, motivation, and support. Karey has been that for me and I know can help you find your way to a better healthier, happier lifestyle.


A Whole Body Nutrition Client

Karey ran my genetic information and I was blown away at all the helpful information she told me about myself. I applied the recommendation she told me and saw so many benefits- more energy, better sleep, weight loss, more stamina. She is very knowledgeable about this and she makes the interpretation. very easy to understand. She uses words that make the complexity of genetics easy to comprehend. She was very patient with all my questions. Would highly recommend her!


A Whole Body Nutrition Client

I met Karey in March of 2017. I was recovering from surgery and my body was undergoing a lot of changes. I had dealt with digestive problems for many years. Karey helped me to identify some foods that I should avoid. With her help, I was able to improve my tummy and my overall health. As menopause approaches, and all the issues that accompany it, I know Karey will be there to help me. I am also a mom of two amazing kids. Karey has helped me with multiple issues they both have faced. She has inspired me to live healthy and happy. I am so grateful for Karey.


A Whole Body Nutrition Client

“My introduction to Karey was by way of referral from my primary care physician early in 2016. The intent was to get my blood sugar under control; A1C in particular. Historically, on average, my glucose readings have been in the 90 – 115 range; A1C: 6.5 – 6.9. Obtaining only marginal success from a number of prescription drugs my physician wanted me to get my nutritional intake inline. Karey’s approach with me has been clinical but with a caring touch: ever mindful of the “numbers” (lab work) she would always work to find a ‘natural solution’ (modified diet) that would get me pointed in the right direction. Proof in the pudding, a check of my A1C in August 2018: 5.9! To my knowledge, my A1C has never been below 6.0. I have, also, found her knowledge to be broad-based: other areas of desirable health and conditioning important to me have been of great benefit (i.e., tweaking my intake of supplements; recommended reading material: “You are the Placebo”, by Dr. J. Dispenza) – by any definition: invaluable!  Specifically, sidelined with a meniscus tear (left knee; May 2017), on-going re-hab on my part, along with insightful pointers from her, together, have enabled me to return to my normal workout routines which, I’m happy to say, includes running.”

“What I have shared has only scratched the surface of what Karey’s expertise has meant to me and, please know, I continue to see her to this day. I strongly recommend Karey to anyone who has a desire or genuine need to have nutritional concerns identified or addressed.”

To your health!! Norman

A Whole Body Nutrition Client

I am so thankful I found Karey! She has helped me when I needed it most. She truly helps with mind, body and spirit. After I had my second baby I was struggling emotionally with the baby blues, wanted to crawl out of my own body because I wasn’t comfortable with it and was super ran down. She helped me get back on track with gut healthy eating habits and supplements that fit my needs. She also listened to my struggles and helped guide me through that tough time. Women go through so much after having a baby and to have someone like Karey to get you through, priceless! She has helped me with my fibromyalgia and MTHFR gene mutation struggles as well. I can’t say enough about how awesome she is! Thank you Karey!


A Whole Body Nutrition Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How long will it take before I see results?

That depends on the individual, the goal they set, and how much the person complies to their personalized nutritional program.  I have seen people have results as soon as a couple of days and for some, it takes a little longer.  Most of the time I like to work with people for a year. That is usually enough time to set the goals, put them into practice, remove the roadblocks, and let you launch into your new lifestyle with me still there for any other questions that arise.

What about the 80/20 rule?

This one is tricky.  Some people just cannot do 80/20.  This is where you are compliant to the nutrition and lifestyle plan 80% of the time and have 20% designated to “cheating”.  If you have a disease or condition that you are wanting to reverse like type II diabetes or an autoimmune condition, you have to be very strict for several months maybe even up to a year.  That is not to say you cannot enjoy food or life.  That is my goal is to help bring vitality back to your life and if that means giving up foods that are keeping you inflamed then that is what we do for a time.  We reintroduce them from time to time to see if you can eat them.  There are always alternatives to your favorite foods that are much healthier.  Do not think of it as deprivation it is about living.

I am interested in nutrition but not sure about the genetic interpretation. Do I have to do both?

No, You can do either or both.  I work with clients on just epigenetics or just on nutrition.  It is great if you can combine the two.  It can give a deeper understanding of how your body works.  I understand for some people the epigenetic is more costly or maybe you are not ready to know that part or afraid of certain personal information out in the world.  There are ways to you’re your identity a secret so that it is not directly related back to you.  Either epigenetics or nutrition can be added at any time.

What brought you to this field of work?

I have always been a compassionate person that wanted to help people.  I was not sure what that looked like until I had my own health issues and saw the need to help people take back their health.  Doctors are overworked and do not have the time or training to teach people how to better their health through diet and lifestyle.  That is where I come in.

How will the plan affect my day-to-day life?

To see the results you are looking for change has to occur.  What I am really great at is coming up with alternative ways to make in your day-to-day life without it causing much harm.  For example, if you have to eat out for lunch daily what we would do is find alternatives or find a way to bring your lunch.  Two of my biggest success story was for two separate truck drivers that I worked with.  I was able to help they both find ways to pack as much healthy food as possible to take on the road with them and how to avoid the truckstop food pitfalls.  They both lost the weight they wanted and were not diabetics anymore.

What if I’m not seeing the results I am looking for? Can I get my money back?
If we are not a good fit I will try to determine that in the first free consultation so that I’m not wasting your time. My goal is to help you and for you to get the results you seek. At any time if the program is not working we will reevaluate and come to an agreement that works and we are both happy with.

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